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Some people misinterpret dental anxiety with dental phobia. Dental anxiety is a recognized psychological disorder, where the person experiences a strong emotional response associated with basic dental procedures. People who suffer from dental phobia, feel such a strong aversion towards visiting the dentist that they often forgo oral health care altogether.

Individuals with dental anxiety understand the value of going to the dentist, yet still experience anxiety during their visit.

Dental anxiety can have several different sources. For some people it is related to feeling a loss of control over their own body. At the same time other people might view the mouth as an intimate part of the body and feel awkward about having someone look in their mouth.

We have found a few things that can help you manage your dental anxiety and get the quality dental care you need.

Several research studies have found that low blood sugar can increase feelings of anxiety in some people. Scheduling your appointment in the morning after you have eaten breakfast or in the afternoon, shortly after lunch will help balance your blood sugar and make it easier for you to relax.

Feel free to ask questions along the way, if your anxiety is related to feeling a loss of control. Understanding the techniques involved in your procedure can help easy tension.

Some patients with dental anxiety also find relief by administering nitrous oxide during the procedure. Let us know in advance if this is an option you would like to investigate.

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